Breastfeed in the Name of Love. Medela initiates public welfare project: Mother’s Milk, Everyday Amazing

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10:45:00, May. 22, 2020

world-leading breastfeeding promoter Medela is a Swiss company found in 1961. Promoting breastfeeding for all mothers around the world has always been the mission and vision of Medela. More than 50 years research the products of Medela cover many fields including high-end milk pump, pregnancy underwear, pregnancy care, milk storage, antiseptic and knowledge service. Medela is always a good choice for both domestic and international mothers.

In 2019, China Development Research Foundation launched The Investigation of factors of Chinese Breastfeeding. According to the data of the investigation, breastfeeding rate for babies under 6 month is 29.2%, which is far lower than the world average level. According to The Guidance of Chinese Children Development and The People Nutrition Plan, the Chinese breastfeeding rate should achieve 60% in 2030. While another set of data in the investigation shows the attitude of other family members has an impact on breastfeeding. The support rates of the grandmother from the mother’s side, the grandmother from father’s side and the father are respectively 89.4%, 87.7% and 89.6%. Among other family members, the father’s support has a significant impact on breastfeeding. China Development Research Foundation suggests both the physical and mental care of the mother are necessary. A mother first family atmosphere should be formed for the family with a breastfeeding baby. Health service for mothers should be available for each family. In the work field or public society, some accommodation for breastfeeding mothers should be provided. We hope all mothers will have a better social environment and more mothers could be known, be accept and insist on breastfeeding.

For newborn babies, everything in the world is known and they have numerous great-first-times. First time to open the eyes; first time to cry or laugh to express emotions; and first time to taste breast milk in the arms of the mother. Breast milk is the best present for babies at the beginning of life, the closest bond in between the baby and the mother, the love from all mothers. On 20th May 2020, the national breastfeeding promotion day, Mother’s milk, Everyday Amazing welfare online conference was held by the world-leading breastfeeding promoters and the partner Medela, to appreciate this most original and most precious love from mother, to enhance the public awareness of breastfeeding, and to promote baby and mother safety guarantee. 

At the same day, the first event of Mother’s Milk, Everyday Amazing in Guangzhou has finished through the online conference. The participants include: Mei Liu, the president of Women's Federation of Guangzhou; Liang Xu, the initiator of the Global Big Latch On; Jianwei Lei, the vice president of Volunteer Federation of Guangdong and the representative of National People's Congress; Lan Wang, the vice president of Medela and the general manager of Medela China; Xi’an Cheng, the co-initiator of the event and the executive of Medela China; and many media charities caring breastfeeding.


To support breastfeeding through legislation and social support

Recently in China, breastfeeding is supported from the government to individuals, from health care to business. However, to achieve the goal of Children Development we still have many difficulties and we are short of time. Therefore, the government must use legislation to ensure breastfeeding welfare insurance to promote the social environment of breastfeeding and increase breastfeeding rate. Guangzhou, as the city leading the change, hosted the Breastfeeding Promotion Date and set an example.

On 29 Oct 2019, the“Regulations on the Promotion of Breastfeeding in Guangzhou” was approved and implemented on 1 March 2020. Mei Liu said, Guangzhou is the first city in China covers baby care place in all public facilities, the first city in China approved policy supporting breastfeeding, and the first city in China built mother’s milk bank. Mothers in Guangzhou are proud of themselves and are satisfied by the supports. A harmony atmosphere in the city is fostered and the social environment for breastfeeding mothers is friendly and comfortable.


Round table talk about breastfeeding legislation

All the participants and speakers reached a consensus, recently the awareness and support of breastfeeding in the society is gradually enhanced and the breastfeeding society is playing an important role which promotes the development of human civilization. Breastfeeding is no longer merely the behavior in between mother and kid, but a responsibility of the whole society to practice humanity. Moreover, the legislation protects the right of breastfeeding mothers and ensures the social welfare for mothers.

Lan Wang expressed respect to breastfeeding working mother from the perspective of business and employer. He suggests more business should join the group supporting breastfeeding with actual implementations. Baby care room should be set in offices to promote the sense of belonging of employees and boost the brand effect. He also suggests government, businesses, charities and NGOs should support the breastfeeding from all perspectives with their capability.

In the name of love, Mother’s Milk Everyday Amazing welfare project starts on 20 May 2020.

The promotion of breastfeeding is not the responsibility for single entity. Charities’ voice and supports from related enterprises and society are both important. This is the reason that breastfeeding charities together with Medela initiate the Mother’s Milk Everyday Amazing project.


The beginning of the event.

The gusts of the conference lightened up the screen together and the conference started.


Xu Liang (right first), Xi’an Cheng (left first) introduce the idea of the breastfeeding promotion project on the platform.

Medela leads the breastfeeding promotion project to full-fill the social responsibility of business!

Medela as the leading breastfeeding supporting brand views enhancing the health of all mothers and babies in the world as the responsibility of the business. Through real practices, Medela full-fill the mission and vision -- “Because we are aware, we understand the difficulties in front of breastfeeding mothers”. Giving fish out helps less, teaching how to fish helps more. To build the breastfeeding service environment and to provide professional breastfeeding knowledge, Medela China benefits millions of people through more than 20 provinces in China. During the conference, Lan Wang, the general manager of Medela China, introduced the scientific knowledge about breastfeeding. He hopes more businesses as Medela may participate in the project to promote breastfeeding and connect the mission and vision of the organization with social practices together. Eventually we hope all charities in China together with business organizations may cooperate to promote breastfeeding in China in different ways.


Enhancing the health of all mothers and babies is the mission and vision of Medela

Knowing the awareness of breastfeeding protection in China is relatively weak, Medela hopes to cooperate with government and other partners supporting breastfeeding in China to promote and prevail breastfeeding welfare, to increase breastfeeding rate, to hold the social responsibilities and to maximize the return of investment on breastfeeding community. Medela and it’s partners are building baby care facilities and suggesting families, businesses, institutes and public agencies to provide comprehensive assistance to mothers. Therefore, with more accommodation mothers are easier to breastfeed with dignity and respect. A longer and healthier period of breastfeeding for babies will be available. Medela has completed many actions, for instants building baby care room, assisting premature baby breastfeeding and accessing breastfeeding scientific knowledge.

1.Building baby care rooms

Since 2014, Medela supported the foundation of the first mother’s milk bank in Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center. Recently, besides donation to the medical center to support professional breastfeeding equipment R&D, Medela China applied it’s leading research capability to provide professional consulting for many other mother’s milk banks in China. As a high-end milk pump brand, Medela is looking for cooperation with other businesses to help them to set up baby care rooms, which is able to assist female employees especially breastfeeding working mothers. Currently, Medela has started the baby care room project in P&G, Bosch and JD.



Setting up baby care rooms in P&G

2. Caring premature baby, helping breastfeeding

In the last few years, Medela worked with China Maternal and Child Health Association and other social organizations to set up breastfeeding guidance centers in hospitals and to provide employee training. This is meaningful for society. Medela will continue providing professional consulting to first-line hospitals about breastfeeding. With experts together Medela will keep researching on breastfeeding for premature babies aiming at full-fill the demand of breastfeeding for both normal baby or premature babies. Medela also focuses on the safety of mother’s milk donation to provide reliable milk source. 


In 2019, Medela donated Lactina milk pump to 30 families with premature baby through premature baby protection alliance



17 May 2020, Medela donated professional milk pump to 11 hospitals in Changzhou city, which access breastfeeding to 400 families with premature babies and suffering from poverty

3. Knowledge accessing, opening the gate of breastfeeding

The Breastfeeding, Guangzhou First conference is the first part of Mother’s Milk, Everyday Amazing project. Medela will provide the physical book premature baby breastfeeding to medical institutes in Guangzhou and provide the e-book amazing science of mother’s milk to breastfeeding mothers and advertisement partners.


premature baby breastfeeding


amazing science of mother’s milk

Mother’s Milk, Everyday Amazing project will be held in other cities in China soon. In August during the international breastfeeding week, more activities will be held in Shanghai. As the world-leading partner, Medela appeals to all the forces in society join us together with experts and business partners to provide more support to breastfeeding mothers in the name of love.


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